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SARL Aérolithe was founded in 1997 for the purpose of renting general aviation aircrafts without pilot.

In 1999, Aerolithe is looking for new aircrafts to be less expensive, more modern, with more interior space and with better performances. This is the time we meet with the owners of Cirrus Design with whom an agreement is rapidly settled. In September 2000, the first demo flights of Cirrus aircrafts take place in France while Aerolithe becomes the sole representative of the brand in France.

In the spring of 2001, the first Cirrus SR20 are delivered in France. In order to meet the increasing demand for less expensive and more silent aircrafts and because the French fleet has to be renewed, Aerolithe extends its offer to the Gerrman two-seat Aquila.

In 2003, Aerolithe builds a 900 m² hangar on the airfield of Le Plessis-Belleville. In the spring, the first Aquilas are delivered to different aero clubs, while the first glass cockpit Cirrus SR22 is landing on LFPP.

In 2004, while the construction is still taking place, Aerolithe is proud to set up its Cirrus Design sign on its hangar.

In the course of 2005, in order to meet the increasing demand, Aerolithe creates its maintenance workshop fully dedicated to Cirrus and Aquila airplanes. In March of the same year, the hangar is increased to 1700 m² which includes a spare part shop.

In June 2006, Aerolithe / Cirrus France launches its training school (on Cirrus and Aquila). Aerolithe is now offering sales, after-sales, maintenance service and training for both brands. 

During 2007, the offices are extended and Aerolithe is now offering its customers a dedicated room for training, a pilots lounge as well as a dedicated space for maintenance training. At the end of 2007, an e-shop is created.

In 2008, as more and more training customers are asking to rent a Cirrus, Aerolithe launches its a rental service. In May, a secondary office dedicated to sales and training is opened on the International Airport of Cannes Mandelieu.

In 2009, as maintenance activities are growing, Aerolithe Maintenance is founded which specialises in maintaining Cirrus and Aquila aircrafts. Aerolithe Maintenance receives the agreement for sub-part F and later, in 2011, Part M G+I, for airworthiness management.

While the economical crisis is setting its print on the activities, 2012 is nonetheless a very important and successful year as Cirrus Aircraft and Aerolithe are elected to deliver 23 SRs to the French army through a service agreement with Cassidian Aviation Training Services.

2013 will be the year where our 312 m² hangar is being built to be used by Aerolithe Support for spare parts and pilot shop. In October of same year, our pilot school is agreed as an ATO for private pilote IR training in France.


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