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Maintenance schedule

Your Cirrus must be maintained based on the flight hours or time period as specified in the AMM Chapter 5 (whichever comes first) starting on the date of entry into service.

  • Cirrus (SRV, SR20, SR22, Turbo, SR22T)
  • 50-hour inspection

  • 100-hour inspection

  • Annual inspection

At the end of each inspection, we will inform you of the calendar inspection, thus enabling you to respect the time intervals between two visits.
When your Cirrus is maintained by our workshop you will receive regular information about the deadline of your annual visit as well as all important information regarding the proper maintenance of your aircraft.

The maintenance visit

In order to organise the maintenance of your aircraft, we would like you to provide us with the information regarding your Cirrus and to let us know the maintenance actions which you wish us to undertake as well as to give us the maintenance log books prior to the visit itself.

Upon your arrival, a receptionist will be there to take your demands into account. Make sure to leave a telephone number where you can be reached, should it be necessary to call you for more information or to inform you of any extra works.

Please feel free to contact us prior to your visit for the booking of a taxi or any other service which you would need. Your aircraft can also be picked up and delivered at the airfield of your choice. Please contact us for a quotation

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