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Do you want to know how your Cirrus stands, what's its story, what maintenance has been done since delivery?... or do you want to have an accurate valuation of the pre-owned aircraft you wish to purchase?

This program has been specially created for you by Cirrus Aircraft!
The prebuy inspection includes:

  • Engine and propeller inspection (including compression, oil test)
  • Landing gear and brakes inspection
  • Exterior inspection (fuselage, empennage, wings, rudder)
  • Interior trim inspection
  • Instrument panel and avionics inspection
  • Windscreen and windows inspection
  • Log books research - Service Bulletins - Airworthiness Directives
  • Inventory
  • Avionics software check
  • Life limits inspection
  • Flight test

Different workers will fullfill this inspection : technician, airworthiness consultant, pilot, seller… Each one has been trained by the manufacturer.

A full report with be issued at the end of the inspection as well as an accurate quotation of the inspected aircraft.

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