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After an incident or an accident

Keep in mind that your Cirrus comes with a pyrotechnic rocket which can be dangerous for the rescue team.

We advise you to do the following :

  • Make sure that the lock of the parachute handle is engaged
  • Call our hotline or give the number to the rescue team (firemen, police…) and we will advise them of the precaution measures to be taken.

Hot line : +33 (0)3 44 54 78 97

If your Cirrus is damaged, it is essential that it be repaired according to the standard rules of practice and the recommendations of the manufacturer.

To keep its performances and its value, the best is always to let an Authorized Cirrus Service Center (ACSC) take care of your aircraft. An Authorized Service Center will do so in full cooperation with the research and development office of Cirrus Aircraft. Only the ACSC meet the high quality standards of Cirrus Aircraft and can ensure that your warranty will be fully protected. We have the ability of giving full support on short notice and be of assistance on the location of your aircraft.

Feel free to contact us. Our authorised workshop will deliver a quotation based upon spare parts, and repair procedures agreed both by the insurance companies and Cirrus Aircraft.

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