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Our pilot school is an authorised training organization A.T.O. (registration No. FR.ATO.0042).

Aerolithe is also a Pilot School certified by Cirrus Aircraft as a Cirrus Standardized Training Center (CSTC).
In France, Aerolithe is also the only pilot school meeting all the standards required by Cirrus Aircraft which makes it the only center authorised to deliver Cirrus Training Certificates valid in the Cirrus network.


Your training can take place in one of our 2 training centers : Le Plessis-Belleville (LFPP) near Paris or Cannes (LFMD) on the French riviera.

Our instructor-pilots are all Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIP). They have a full experience of the Cirrus, have undergone an extensive training and are regarded as experts of Cirrus training. Moreover, our instructor-pilots are regularly audited by Cirrus Aircraft Corporation.

Our instructor-pilots thoroughly know all types of Cirrus and can deliver all types of instructions:
- Generations 1,2,3 and 5,
- Cirrus SR20, SR22, SR22TN and SR22T,
- Avidyne or Garmin Perspective avionics,
- HSI Sandel or Garmin GTN avionics,
- VFR et IFR operations,
- Optional systems (deicing, FIKI, Satellite, EVS,...),...

At the end of your training a certification of completion will be delivered by your CSIP. This certificate is valid in the global network of Cirrus and acknowledged by the insurance companies.



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