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Shell Aviation

From the first flight of Clement Ader in 1890 and up to the first flight in 2005 of the A380 the biggest civil aircraft ever built, aviation is a continuous addition of technological discoveries and innovation to meet the motto : "citius, altius, fortius"!

From Louis Blériot's crossing of the Channel in 1911 up to today's commercial and military flights, Shell Aviation has been taking an active part in these technological steps forward. Today AeroShell is the global leader for aeronautical lubricants and fuels. Aeroshell has the most complete range of products on the market. And quality is no longer to be proven!

Aerolithe Support is the official distributor of Shell Aviation since 2010 and is backed with knowledge of more than a century of proven experience from which its customers take advantage. 

The products range from lubricants to fuel and from oil analyses to advices on the best way to use them.



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