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AeroShell Compound 07 - bidon de 5 US Gal.

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250,03 € TTC208,36 € HT Poids: 20 kg

AeroShell Compound 07 is an in-flight de-icer that can be used on propellers, wings, windscreens, tailplanes, etc on suitable equipped aircraft. It is also recommended for removing hoar frost and light snow/ice from a parked aircraft. It can be used undiluted, but it can also be mixed with up to 50% water depending on the following: the severity of the icing, the efficiency of the spraying technique and whether it is applied hot or cold.Specification DTD.406B requires the product to have the following approximate composition:

  • Ethanediol (BS.2537) 85% volume
  • Isopropanol (BS.1595) 5% volume
  • Distilled water 10% volume